Research in DeGas

The research in DeGas is devided into four work packages. 

Work Package 1 

New technical solution for using ultrasound and aeration to reduce gas supersaturation inside the hydropower plant

Leader: Bjørn Winther Solemslie, Researcher, NINA


Work package 2:

Develop numerical models that predict the reduction in supersaturation in different types of hydropower facilities and under different saturation levels.

Leader: Love Håkansson, Senior Technical Consultant, EDR Medeso


Work package 3:

Evaluate the value of the developed system by linking predicted reductions and ecological tolerance levels for supersaturation (Responsible: NINA)​

Leader: Dr. Torbjørn Forseth, Senior Researcher, NINA

Work package 4:

Project management, communication, implementation and dissemination

Leader: Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug, Professor, NTNU