A new technological solution for preventing environmental effects of air supersaturation downstream hydropower plants


Develop new technical solutions for reducing air supersaturation in hydropower facilities to levels tolerated by aquatic fauna. .



Unfortunately, there have been several incidents of gas supersaturation in Norwegian rivers that have resulted in fish dying due to “diver’s disease". This occurs when air is mixed into hydroelectric tunnels from water intakes during periods of heavy rainfall. Technical solutions are lacking to prevent gas supersaturation, and this project aims to develop a technical solution that can be installed in the hydropower plant downstream the turbine.

DeGas Workshop: Total dissolved gas (TDG) issues
26. May 2023

DeGas wants to bring together researchers and professionals who are actively engaged in addressing total dissolved gas (TDG) issues, providing a platform to exchange ideas and foster collaboration.

Ultrasound can reduce air bubbles caused by hydropower
27. September 2021

Hydropower plants can cause air bubbles in the river, causing fish to die of “Gas Bubble Disease”, similar to diver’s disease in humans. Researchers have now tested a new method to reduce this problem.